The Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) for Climate and Biodiversity Community of Practice is a forum for organizations across the world to contribute their insights, expertise, and networks to the broad objective of helping to improve evidence-based, inclusive, impactful, and gender-inclusive NbS for climate change adaptation and biodiversity.

The initial work plan of the community of practice was co-developed with Global Affairs Canada, members of the Canadian Coalition on Climate Change and Development (C4D), and other organizations in Canada. A steering committee comprised of diverse member organizations advises on the work plan, activities, and priorities of the community of practice.

Get Involved

Any organization with an interest in NbS for climate change adaptation and biodiversity is welcome to join as a member of the community of practice.  


Join the community of practice to: 

  • access invitations to upcoming events and educational resources on nature-based solutions, 
  • gain knowledge and insights from other members, and 
  • share your organization’s experiences and information.

To join the community of practice, contact

Events and Resources

Events and resources that are relevant to members of the community of practice are available in the libraries below, hosted by the Global Affairs Canada-funded International Institute for Sustainable Development’s (IISD) Nature for Climate Adaptation Initiative.

  • Steering Committee