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Storytelling and climate change: A case study in climate change adaptation strategies


May 30, 2024


Stories are powerful. But just how powerful can they be? When it comes to climate change adaptation, the answer might be surprising.

Storytelling, in the form of radio documentaries and podcasts, plays a key role in Farm Radio International’s On Air for Gender-inclusive Nature-based Solutions project. The project aims to reach more than 8 million people by working with more than 20 radio stations in six sub-Saharan African countries to learn and share how individual communities are adapting to climate change so that their neighbors can do the same. But what takes something from a simple story into a tool that can help communities adapt to climate change?

Dive into the importance of local stories, how to train local storytellers and what is needed to turn a story into something that sparks change at a community level. Finally, delve into what is needed to ensure those changes are long-lasting and sustainable.

Event Details

Date: May 30, 2024 

Time: 11 am (ET)

Location: Online